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Hi, I’m Abbey Richter…

Attending the San Francisco Hamilton performance really inspired me to change. When Alexander Hamilton says, “There are a million things I haven’t done, just you wait”, that’s my new response to grown-ups who bombard us with questions about our future. I’m focusing on living in the present and finding my passions to pursue. The books I authored at 9 years old, were cute and about my dogs and cat. Now as a teenager, observing my dad, a Veterinarian, made me aware of the larger complex issues like the legislation of animal medical products, discrimination against some breeds and how animals are important in our world.

Given the internet, you really can explore what ignites your passion; I realize my parents helped provide real-world situations that sped up my discovery. The line, “If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?”, is a reminder that too many of us just go with the flow versus questioning decisions that impact your passions. I care about pets, humanity and the environment. Sure I can do the weekend few hours clean up on the beach, but as a teen, I want to actually make a larger positive impact on the world. When Alexander Hamilton recites My Shot, I was on the edge of my seat in the theater and in the car with the soundtrack. It summarizes how I feel right now about impacting the world. “I’m past patiently waitin’. I’m passionately smashin’ every expectation. Every action’s an act of creation! I’m laughin’ in the face of casualties and sorrow. For the first time, I’m thinkin’ past tomorrow.”